The Wheels are Now in Motion...

With the help of Allan Brown, Digby Cook, Harvey Missan and our Lifestyle Director, the wheels of a committee were now in motion.
Next, we began working with Tracy, taking the necessary steps to become a fully chartered club.  We filled out forms, and then some more forms.  Came up with by-laws, mission statements and all that good stuff.

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Our Mission


Our mission is to enhance the use of personal computers and related technology by all interested residents of Sun City Festival

How it all started...

From Carolyn


When I first arrived on a permanent basis at Festival, I decided to thumb through the Club Interest Book located on the counter at Sage Center.

Lo and behold....a page dedicated to a computer club interest group!  I dutifully added my name and contact information to the book.

Months went by and I heard NOTHING.  So at one point last year (2013) I approached the powers that be and asked what had to be done to get this thing going.  Got the information needed and brought home the pages that were in the book.  I began going through the book and the Festival Directory of Residents to see who was and who was not still here and if there were email addresses listed for these people, since that info was not included on the original interest pages.  

One thing led to another and a date was set for a general interest meeting.  Didn't know what to expect, but when over fifty people showed up, I knew immediately that there was a genuine interest in forming a club.   Cw