We are proposing a change in our club by-laws.  The change would be to the term limits.




 Section A.  The Executive Board consists of a president, vice president, secretary and a treasurer. The latter two offices may be combined into one, dual-functioning position with the consent of a majority of the membership.


 Section B.  All officers are elected by a majority vote of those present and during an annual membership meeting once a quorum has been established. Officers serve without compensation.


 Section C. Terms of Office and Responsibilities:  All officers are elected for one year term and can succeed themselves provided they receive a majority vote of those in attendance at the election. 

 Terms of office are one year starting the first day of January and ending the last day of December.


The proposed change is to have terms of office be TWO years instead of one, thus decreasing the necessity for bank signature changes, etc. 


At yesterday's workshop, one of the things mentioned was the fact that SCF will do their charity walk this year for 'A NEW LEAF', devoted to helping victims of domestic violence. As most of you know, Susan G. Koeman is no longer here in AZ and for that and other reasons a switch in the annual charity fundraising event has changed.  In a motto of BREAK THE SILENCE, STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, A New Leaf is based here in Arizona, and all funds raised will stay right here in our state.  Festival Bytes is considering a donation to the cause, as are other clubs here at Festival.  If you would like to become more familiar with the organization, here is a link to the New Leaf Site:


Here's What's Happening...

We sadly report the passing of Geri Nelson.  A long time resident of SCF and member of our club, as well as others.  Geri lost her battle with Cancer last Saturday. 
The funeral mass for Geri Nelson will be on September 15th at 10:30 am at St. Clare of Assisi.It is located at 17111 W  Bell Rd (Bell & Cotton Lane) which is across from the Safeway


Windows 10 Presentation Follow Up

C-net has put together a list of some really neat tech gifts you might want to consider this year for that techno geek (or yourself) as a holiday gift.  All are listed at under $50, so the investment is well worth it.  You can also find similar stuff for under $100 by doing a search on their site.  Happy shopping! Here's a link to the C-net site/article:


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Zona Info and Map

Want to order one of our logo shirts?  Hat? Mousepad.....Enter the search for Festival Bytes Computer Club at Zazzle... 

SCF Annual Charity Fundraiser Walk

Here's a link to show you just what computers/robotics can do Although admittedly, this is animation, the old time music discs and even a little music box you may have in your home are all examples of early computing ...based on key punch operation and a binary code. 

Enjoy it!

I was recently asked about free things on birthdays here in AZ, so....just follow the link below and you'll find a whole bunch of stuff/places.  Happy Birthday to YOU!

SCF Annual Charity Fundraiser Walk

This was posted on Facebook and is a useful tool for all