Workshop Minutes--September 28, 2017

We had 21 people attending this week's workshop.

All officers were present for the meeting, as well as the briefing BEFORE the meeting.  

Rich began by asking if there were any first-time attendees.  No hands went up, so there was no need to introduce the officers.  

Harv Missan gave a financial report and said we currently have $1113 in the bank. It was mentioned that once the calendar year came to a close, we would determine financial options should our bank account be more than allowed by Community standards.  For those not aware....If a club bank account exceeds a certain amount from the year before, they might no longer have tax exempt status, as governed by the IRS.  It's a bit complicated, but we should be just fine.  

Determination of charitable contributions, if any, shall be decided upon by the entire club and not just the officers.  More on that later.

Old BusinessMore was discussed on the Equifax issue and other recent account hacks.  Some have put a freeze on their credit.  All were advised by Rich to keep a constant vigil on their bank accounts, credit card statements, and much more.

Cliff mentioned that we are still awaiting word/info from Michael Anderson as to the prices and food available for this year's holiday party.  Based on what our costs are, the club will foot half the bill per each and members will pay the other half.  Non members (Spouses, etc) will be required to pay the entire amount of the meal.

New Business:  New design for sign in sheet:  In an effort to serve the club members in a more efficient manner, we have re-designed the sign in sheet and have asked members to indicate which items the have/use, such as Windows/Mac; iPhone/Android, etc.  In looking over the sign in sheets, there are only three in the group that DO NOT use Windows at all.  The board will work on sorting out all the data and try to pattern workshops around what members use the most.  

​Cliff mentioned the upcoming All Club Expo, to be held on October 28 and asked to fill time slots for our area.  I believe the time slots have now been filled.  Rich and I will be there for set up and opening times. Display materials will be there, as well as membership applications and more.

The recent C-Cleaner hack was briefly mentioned and it seems it mainly had an impact only on those still using 32 bit systems (Windows XP and possibly 7 and Vista).

Bonnie mentioned being approached by club members with regards to terminology recently.  One issue not understood was 'Image' as it pertained to a back up.  Not the same as taking a picture of your dinner and posting it on Instagram.  It is an exact image of your entire system and can then be used to restore EVERYTHING, including files, photos, and more.

It was also stressed that anytime somebody is unsure of what's being discussed, PLEASE speak up.  Those in the know are more than happy to help.

Meeting ended at 4:00 pm, with some staying behind for some one-on-one help.

Respectfully Submitted

Carolyn Whitehead, Secretary