Festival Bytes Computer Club Logo items for sale

Shown here is a WHITE polo shirt.  You can customize to any color you want, or you can change the style of shirt.  From Polo, to Tank, to T-shirt, Ringer, etc.  Click on either shirt to visit Zazzle and customize or order the shirt as it will be shown on the site.  Current price on Zazzle is approximately $26.  Prices tend to vary based on color/style selected.  Often, there is a discount on items and they will show the discount code for the items.  

Here's a slightly different version of the polo shirt, with the new slogan logo on the front and club name with code on the back.  Click on either picture below to be transported to Zazzle.

The items below have all been created at Zazzle.com.  Prices vary, and Zazzle often has discounts throughout the site, so you might want to click on individual items to find out prices and design options, such as color and type of shirt or cap, etc. In the search box, simply type Festival Bytes Computer Club.  Thanks to Cliff for coming up with our great slogan!

Need a new mousepad?  Change the background color if you want to.  Click on the mousepad to see more options at Zazzle

With the arrival of warm (hot) weather, why not get a thermal tumbler with the club logo on it.  Background color can be changed on this, too.  Click the tumbler to get more info at Zazzle

Here's a travel mug with the club name badge on it that you can customize with your own name.  It also has the new byte me graphics on either side of the name badge.  Click on the mug to be transported to Zazzle.

The baseball cap can be ordered in other colors.  Click on the hat to view the info at Zazzle

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