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Wow!  A packed room for our guests from Zona.  Thanks, Jackie, Mike, and Doc for a great workshop and for the neat stuff you brought. We learned a WHOLE LOT about different streaming devices, what's free, and more.  We did some demos on finding different types of programming, using different providers, such as You Tube and Hulu.

Congrats to Jones & Linda Wong for winning the Roku device.  

An FYI...the new section of homes across SVP will be Zona prepared.  Also of note, Zona is currently working with an investor in the hopes of building out Festival as a first priority if the deal comes true.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

​Here are a few pics from yesterday's meeting.  Also..the streaming comparison sheets

More on choosing a "free" website builder:

Streaming with Zona...Great Workshop!

January 24, 2019