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Submitting a membership application does not automatically make you a member.  A few have submitted applications lately, but without the required membership check. (CHECKS ONLY, PLEASE) Be sure to print out your membership application and include a check, payable to SCF Festival Bytes.  The forms/checks should be placed in an envelope and taken up to Sage Center. (be sure to mark COMPUTER CLUB on the envelope.  Site staff can help you locate our mailbox.

All about Video Conferencing

Some Money Saving Senior Discounts!

We could all use some of these!

I stumbled across this website and thought I'd share with the group.  Who doesn't like discounts!?!  

Notes from our first online workshop

Below you will find a link to the presentation made by Aida.  It's a Youtube video.  Start and stop as often as you need to.

Talk to Us

Some photos from our 2019 Holiday Party at Indigo Grille


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