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Notes from our first online workshop

Below you will find a link to the presentation made by Aida.  It's a Youtube video.  Start and stop as often as you need to.

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The online 'chat with us' has been disabled.  Please use the form on the Contact Us  page.  Links on that page have now been fixed.

Will a TV antenna work at your house?

There may be a way to find out without purchasing and installing an antenna first.
Start by googling  "TV signal locator".  Various websites will pop up. Some are trying to sell you an antenna. Others ask for you zip code in order to tell you which channels you'll receive with an antenna. The problem with zips code is, they can cover to large areas. For example: Our zip code, 85396, covers north, west, and south of the White Tanks. People living south of the White Tanks may receive many channels that those of us that live north of the White Tanks cannot.
I like the website: DTV Reception Maps | Federal Communications Commission (FCC.Gov) . You can enter you street address and city, or just click "Go to my location". It will list the channels you can get at your house.  
Unfortunately my home is on 270th & Potter Drive. I can only get 3 "weak" stations, whereas Surprise can get 15 "strong" channels. Check your location for specifics.
Thank you Don St.John, for your expertise.

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Some photos from our 2019 Holiday Party at Indigo Grille


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