Dear Club Members:

This last year or so has been like no other year in OUR history.  The pandemic  forced many of us to not only re-think what we do, but HOW we do things.  Many have more or less had to learn some basic computer tasks, such as doctor visits; shopping; family visits and more.

 All this, coupled with the increase in a 'younger' population moving to our community has caused the Board to re-think a few things as we move back to a more "normal" way of life.

Most basic components of computer use are pretty much understood by over 95% of our population (thanks, in part TO the pandemic).

We are now asking for YOUR help in moving forward with your club.

Please take a moment or two to answer a few questions (below) and submit them to us.  Your personal info will not be shared with the general population and will only be used by the Board for planning purposes.

Thanks, in advance, for your help.                  The Board

Here are some topics that may be of interest to you for future workshops.  Please select which topics strike your fancy, or add your own topic idea(s) 

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